Our Studio

At Sheepscot River Pottery, every piece we create is unique.  All of our Pottery is skillfully made, painted and glazed right here in our Edgecomb studio.  Each of our artistic creations is made from pure porcelain English clay and reduction fired to 2400 degrees.  This combination results in highly durable pottery that can be enjoyed for generations.

Maine Artisan Pottery Maker

Every piece of pottery is designed and skillfully created from pure porcelain clay.  It is hand painted by our local painter, Hope Prentice, or hand-glazed and then reduction fired to 2400 degrees for durability.
Our beautiful, large hand-thrown bowls
and other fine pieces are carefully hand-crafted by one of our talented potters - Bill Flood. 

Handpainted Pottery Bowl

Our beautiful custom glazes and vibrant colors are created by another skillful potter, Matt Karosik, who has been busy creating and producing remarkable pieces since 1998.
Hand-thrown, slip-molded, hand painted designs, hand applied glazes - all forms of art that create our fine pottery.  Art in form, design, color and texture, all to be enjoyed in every sense - richness to the eye and touch.
A wonderful combination of art and utility

Maine Made Potter Bowl

Once a week we load our kiln and begin our firing process.  When the firing is completed, and then slowly cooled, our studio crew rolls the kiln out and inspects their work. Each artful piece is readied for our showroom and ready to find its way out to its special home in the world!

Pottery stacked and ready for the kiln